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chimney sweeping Indianapolis

There are dozens of options when choosing a chimney sweeping company to come inside your home and help you with your needs. How do you choose? There are some really good companies that perform chimney sweeping so we won’t try to gain your trust by putting down our peers. We will tell you how we practice business every day and specifically what steps our chimney sweeping division will take to provide you with our certified and professional service.

Fire Dawgs’ Guiding Principle: Treat every customer the way you would want your family to be treated.

Fire Dawgs’ Mission: Build community leaders and master technicians while providing award winning service.

At Fire Dawgs Cleaning Services, we use a set of specialized tools and brushes to remove soot and creosote from the firebox, damper, smoke chamber and flue. In addition, we will check for any flue obstructions such as animal nests and debris. When these items are found, we will remove these obstructions to ensure your chimney runs safely and efficiently.

Our technician is a Certified Chimney Sweep by the Chimney Safety Institute of America and a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild. For our service, we use the 10 Step Process below:

Our 10 Step Chimney Sweeping Process

  1. Visual inspection of the exterior portion of the chimney
  2. Visual inspection of the fire box
  3. Once we determine the chimney is good for sweeping, we will start staging and prepping our equipment and remove any accessories inside the fire box
  4. We will vacuum out the fire box with our RoVac HEPA filtered vacuum
  5. Use our Rotary brush system to sweep the chimney flue starting from the bottom and working our way to the top
  6. After the flue is swept thoroughly, we will clean up and vacuum the fire box once again
  7. Once the sweep is complete, we proceed with a Video Inspection of the flue liner and/or tiles
  8. After the video inspection is complete, we will share our findings with the customer and any recommendations on future use or potential needs/repairs
  9. Put back back any fire box accessories and finish cleaning up our work area
  10. Our technicians will put on their tophat, tails and yell Chim, Chim Chir-ee from the rooftop… Okay, maybe not, but we will shake hands and Thank You for Your Business!

What You Can Expect from Chimney Sweeping Indianapolis Can Trust

The friendly professionals at Fire Dawgs will make sure your chimney is cleaned and inspected. The equipment we bring out to your home allows us to get the job done quickly, while still being efficient. Give yourself the peace of mind of mind by contacting us today to schedule an appointment for all your chimney sweeping needs.

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