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Air Duct Cleaning Indianapolis

Fire Dawgs is proud to offer residential and commercial customers our air duct cleaning services in the Indianapolis area. Having good indoor air quality is important to obtain, which is why our certified technicians are well versed in not only improving your indoor air quality, but also in detecting any issues you might be having.

When you choose Fire Dawgs to come out and clean your air duct system, you will immediately reap the benefits by reducing asthma and allergy triggers, along with improving the performance of your HVAC system.

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Reduces dust and allergens
  • Helps make HVAC systems more efficient
  • Removes contaminants from your heating and cooling system
  • Helps remove unpleasant smells, especially from pets.

What You Can Expect

At Fire Dawgs we make improving your overall air quality and eliminating chances for mold and allergen buildup our top priority. That is why we go through the following steps when coming out to service your home or office:
All registers or vents will be removed and cleaned

  • We will clean all of the accessible ductwork from the register all the way to the trunk
  • Both the supply and return air trunks will be cleaned, as well as the return pans
  • All trash, and debris collected from ducts will be removed
  • Anti-microbial will be applied and air ducts will be sanitized.


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