Why Do Shingles Turn Black and Streaky?

Why Do Shingles Turn Black and Streaky?

10 July 2018

Why Do Shingles Turn Black and Streaky? It’s a great question, and we have an answer. Shingles turn black and streaky due to a bacteria called Gloeocapsa magma. If left untreated, the bacteria accumulates over time. It feeds on on moisture and calcium carbonate, so you’re shingles basically become bacteria food! Finally, the accumulation of this bacteria begin to show as black streaks. This detrimental effect can be stressful for homeowners, but there is a solution! Keep reading for more about the treatment of Gloeocapsa magma.

Why Do Shingles Turn Black and Streaky?How to Get Rid of Gloeocapsa magma

We hear it from customers all the time. “I don’t remember there ever being the this much algae on my home!” The same goes for black streaks on roofs. The truth is that it didn’t used to be this bad. There are a few contributing factors that have led to the spread and prevalence of Gloeocapsa magma specifically. 

  • First, fiberglass shingles are made with limestone as a filler within the asphalt. This limestone contains the calcium carbonate mentioned above. So, much of today’s roofing products are essentially food for bacteria. Kind of gross, right?
  • Also, the temperature and humidity in many regions are rising. Higher temps combined with rising humidity promotes bacteria growth.

So, Here’s How to Get Rid of Gloeocapsa magma

You need to clean your roof with a solution of Sodium Hypochlorite combined with low pressure water. This method is also known as soft washing. Furthermore, you cannot simply pressure wash your roof and expect long-lasting results. The bacteria will come back full force if you just pressure wash, without the cleaning solution. Why? Because the Sodium Hypochlorite solution will actually kill the bacteria. Pressure washing alone does not kill it.

Fire Dawgs Cleaning Services technicians are trained and certified in soft washing. We mix custom solutions and low pressure water to effectively clean your roof, or other exterior surfaces. Soft washing keeps your roof cleaner for longer.

Give us a call at 317-291-3294 if you would like a free roof cleaning estimate. Or, you can Contact Us online anytime that is convenient for you. We hope we were about to answer:

Why Do Shingles Turn Black and Streaky?


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