What is Steam Cleaning?

What is Steam Cleaning?

1 January 2018

Today we are going to answer the age-old question: What is steam cleaning? Ok, maybe it’s not an age-old question, but we’re going to answer it anyway. Steam cleaning is a method of carpet cleaning that utilizes high heat steam and suction to clean and sanitize. Many companies like Fire Dawgs use steam cleaning to throughly clean and sanitize carpets, tile, and upholstered surfaces. Furthermore, detergent is also used in the steam cleaning process. The detergent is activated by the hot water to clean carpet fibers. Keep reading for more on What is Steam Cleaning? 

What is Steam Cleaning?More on What is Steam Cleaning?

Next, let’s go through some common questions people have about steam cleaning.

How hot is the water used to steam clean?

  • At Fire Dawgs, we steam clean at 280 degrees.

Does Steam Cleaning Remove Germs and Bacteria?

  • Yes, the high heat steam and detergent help remove germs, bacteria, mites, and allergens.

What are Other Names for Steam Cleaning?

Does Steam Cleaning Remove Stains?

  • First and foremost, this is a great question! However, steam cleaning itself isn’t guaranteed  to remove all stains alone. Oftentimes, additional stain treatment processes are required to successfully remove stains. Some spots and stains can be removed by steam cleaning alone, but some cannot. It all depends on the type of stain and how long the stain has set. You can find more on stain removal here.

Does Steam Cleaning Use Chemicals?

  • Most carpet cleaning companies (including ours) use detergents when steam cleaning. Our detergents are CRI approved and PH balanced.

Will Steam Cleaning Damage Carpet?

  • If you use a professional carpet cleaning company, no. Professional, certified carpet cleaners will know acceptable and safe water temperatures for your carpet. Be sure to review a carpet cleaning company’s credentials before you hire them.

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