What is Soft Washing?

What is Soft Washing?

12 June 2018

What is Soft Washing? Soft washing is an exterior cleaning method that utilizes low pressure water and cleaning solutions. The cleaning solutions used to soft wash will not harm your exterior surfaces. Soft washing was originally developed to clean roofs, especially roofs with stains and streaks. Now, let’s look at the solutions used for soft washing

What is Soft Washing?The Solutions |What is Soft Washing?

One of the best things about soft washing is that there is no “one size fits all” cleaning solution. Most cleaning solutions used in soft washing are mixed on site. For example, a soft washer would use the same solution on brick that he or she would use on siding. Furthermore, most soft washing companies use a Sodium Hydrosulfide (SH) solution and a surfactant. Certified soft washers will know the proper way to mix the biodegradable SH solution, so that they will effectively clean your surfaces. Also, the biodegradable solution used in soft washing will not harm your plants.

The Water |What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing uses low pressure water to clean exterior surfaces. What do we mean by low pressure water? Water that’s 1000psi or lower. This low pressure approach approach helps ensure that exterior surfaces remain intact and undamaged. The solution helps penetrate the dirt, grime, mildew, moss etc, and the surfactant helps that solution stick. So, blasting high pressure water isn’t necessary with soft washing.

The Technicians and Equipment |What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing requires companies to do their research and train their technicians properly. It’s more than turning on a machine and blasting high pressure water at surfaces. It involves chemistry, skill, and training. Our soft washing technicians at Fire Dawgs are all trained and certified in Soft Washing. Furthermore, all of our equipment is commercial-grade. You can go to your local hardware and find it.

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