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All About Our Pet Urine Treatment

23 May 2017

Accidents happen if you have pets in your home. The instances of pet accidents are probably more frequent if you have extremely young or older pets. The cleaning pros at Fire Dawgs are here to help with our Pet Urine Treatment service. We know that the last thing you want on your carpet is pet urine and stains. Our Pet Urine Treatment can help eradicate the stains and smells associated with pet urine and feces. This is definitely not the most glamours topic, but it’s definitely a necessary one if you are a pet owner.

How our Pet Urine Treatment Works

pet urine treatment indianapolis

The first thing you are going to want to do when your pet has an accident is blot out and soak up as much as you can. Your next inclination might be to start blasting the stain with over-the-counter products that you have on hand, but this is not a good idea. Some products can actually lock in the odor and set the stain. However, if you use an enzyme-based cleaner specifically for pet stains, you should be fine.

You can use household pet cleaning carpet machines, but those are only going to clean the fibers so far. A professional carpet cleaning company like Fire Dawgs will use truck-mounted equipment to pull the stain and bacteria out more thoroughly. When you call us for pet urine treatment, here is what we will do:

  • Inspect the area for stains and spots and mark them if necessary.
  • Pre-Treat the stains for a commercial-grade, PH balanced solution.
  • Agitate the stained area to ensure the solution is activated.
  • Thorough apply high-heat steam and suction to the stain.
  • Repeat this process until the stain is removed.
  • Apply our enzyme treatment that removes odors and helps prevent the stain from returning.
  • Utilize suction again, so that carpets are not too wet.
  • Clean up the area and hoses.

Is The Pet Urine Treatment Guaranteed to Work?

There are various factors that determine whether we (or any other carpet cleaning company) are able to fully eradicate pet odors and stains.

  1. How Long the Stain Has Set: Urine and stain removal processes work best when action is taken immediately. If the urine or stain was never blotted out, then more of it is soaked and settled in to the carpet fibers, padding, and even sub-floor. The damage can be permanent if the stain has set for weeks, months, or years.
  2. Diet of the Animal: We know this one sounds strange, but it’s true. The diet of the pet truly does affect whether smells and stains can be fully removed.
  3. Age of the Animal: If your pet is older, it may be more difficult to remove the smells and stains from their urine and feces. This is because diseases and bacteria can be shed through their excrement. Additionally, older pets tend to need to urinate more and have more frequent accidents.
  4. Health of the Animal: This goes with the previous point. If your pet is sick, infection and bacteria can be shed through the excrement. More bacteria makes stains and odors a lot more difficult to fully eradicate.
  5. Over-the-Counter Products: Some non-enzymatic cleaners will more the urine odor and pet stain worse. Some over-the-counter-products (even ones that don’t advertise as bleach) will discolor your carpet as well.

Based on the factors above, we may not be able to fully eradicate your pet urine odor or stain. We hope that this article about our Pet Urine Treatment has been helpful! Feel free to give us a call at 317-291-3294 or Contact Us with any questions or to schedule your pet urine treatment service in Indianapolis. Watch the short video below to learn more about how it works!

Watch Our Pet Urine Treatment


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