How to Make Carpet Dry Faster

How to Make Carpet Dry Faster

24 July 2017

There could be a few different reasons you need to know how to make carpet dry faster. You may have just had your carpet cleaned. Or, you may have had an accident or flooding. Carpet dry times are affected by humidity and air temperature. So, carpet dry times will vary based on these and other factors listed below. We have some tips listed below for How to Make Carpet Dry Faster. We hope you find them helpful!

Tips for How to Make Carpet Dry Faster

How to Make Carpet Dry Faster

  • Use Ceiling Fans: Ceiling fans are awesome. And, they help keep the air circulating in a room. Make sure you have ceiling fans set to high if you have them. This will help your carpets dry faster.
  • Open Doors and Windows: This tips helps even during the winter. Opening doors and windows helps circulate air and decrease dry times. Air circulation is key.
  • Use the “Fan On” Switch on Your HVAC System: Turn your HVAC system’s fan to “on.”  Again, this will keep air circulating throughout the house.
  • Reduce Foot Traffic: If you walk on wet carpet, you will crush the fibers. Crushed and matted down carpet fibers take longer to dry. Staying off of your carpet as much as you can will help make carpet dry faster.
  • Use 360° Fans: Some carpet cleaning companies (like Fire Dawgs) offer their customers drying options. Use 360° fans, or air movers, to accelerate dry times. These fans pull warm, dry air from above and direct it down in a 360° pattern across the floor. These fans are shown in the picture above. Be sure to ask your carpet cleaning company if they offer any drying options.

What if I have Flooding?

The tips listed above are for damp carpets. Heavy flooding is an entirely different situation. For example, if you have flooding in your basement, you will need to call a water restoration or water extraction company to help prevent mold, mildew, and water damage. Many carpet cleaning companies offer water extraction services. Some even offer this service 24 hours a day for emergency situations.

Factors That Affect Carpet Dry Times

If you have your carpets cleaned, you can expect your carpets to take about 6-8 hours (on average) to dry. Carpet dry times are affected by the following factors listed below.

  • Humidity and Air Temperature: The less humid the inside and outside of the home is, the faster the carpet will dry. However, if you live in Indiana, you know it can get extremely humid in the warmer months. So, be sure to follow the tips above. Typically, carpet dry times increase in the winter when it is colder.
  • Type of Carpet: Dry times vary by the type of carpet you have. Also, the thickness of the carpet pad underneath the carpet can affect dry time.
  • Air Circulation: The tips listed above were all about air circulation. Carpet dry times will take a lot longer if air circulation is limited. Use those fans and open windows!
  • Cleaning Techniques Used: Professional carpet cleaning companies are going to use more powerful, truck-mounted equipment. These means more suction. More suction means faster dry times and cleaner carpets. If you are renting a carpet cleaning machine from the store, chances are, it’s going to take longer for carpets to dry.


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