Veterans and Service Members

Fire Dawgs Veterans and Service Members

10 May 2017

May is National Military Appreciation Month. So, we thought this would be the perfect time to recognize our very own Fire Dawgs Veterans and Service Members. At Fire Dawgs, we are always looking to hire veterans and people currently serving in the military. Additionally, we always offer a 10% discount on all of our services to veterans and service members as a token of our appreciation. We hope that this month you will pause and show your appreciation to all veterans and service member who sacrifice so much for our freedom.

military appreciation month veterans and service members

We Are Honored by Our Veterans and Service Members


John Byers

If you have ever hired Fire Dawgs for junk removal, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve met our amazing Operations Managers, Big John Byers. Big John always has a positive, upbeat attitude. He is an extremely hard worker, motivates others to do their best, and always does his best for each and every one of his customers. We are extremely proud to have Big John on our team.

Here is a little bit about John’s service to our country. Big John currently serves in the Indiana Army National Guard (INARNG). His mos is 11 bravo ( infantry). He has served in the Indiana Army National Guard for 5 years and 8 months. When asked why he decided to join, John states “…the best way for me to move myself forward in the world was to join the guard. I get the training and have the ability to serve and be home with my family.”

John comes a family that has served our country. His grandfather served in WWII in the navy, and his great uncle also served in WWII in the Air Force. His cousin Brian served in the Army, and actually encouraged John to join too. His Uncle John and Uncle Steve both served in the Army in Vietnam, and his Uncle Dean served in the Army as well.

Veterans and Service Members

Josh Dougherty

Josh “Bird” Dougherty is our Lead Technician for Fire Dawgs Cleaning Services. He works hard to ensure that our customers get the best service available. While Josh excels in customer service, he is also extremely knowledgeable and skilled at the services we offer. We are proud of Josh and his service to our country.

Josh currently serves in the United States Army National Guard 11Bravo Infantry (HOOAH!!), and this is his 6th year of service. He joined, because he wanted to serve his country in any way that he could. “It’s the best country in the world” he states, and we agree!

He chose to join the Army National Guard with his brother and friend, John Byers. Josh says that, “Me and him (John) push each other to our limits. And then some. He’s a good motivator to get you through anything. And as well to stay at home with my family. Cause without them as well I don’t know where I would be.” Both John and Josh state that one of their favorite aspects of the military is the camaraderie.

Josh also has veterans and service members in his family. His grandfather gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and died serving our country. His cousin Ben is also currently serving in the Air Force. We are thankful for the service and sacrifice of Josh and his family.

Bennett Grove

Bennett Grove II is the founder, owner, and CEO of Fire Dawgs. He started the company in 2011 on his off-days from Grissom Fire Department (Grissom Joint Air Reserve Base). Bennett served 6 years in the United States Air Force. He chose to join the military because:

“I wanted to serve in the military because I felt compelled to serve our country during a time of conflict. I enlisted for active duty after 9/11 and the Iraq invasion and left for basic training after finishing my sophomore year of college.”

Bennett decided to join the Air Force specifically, because of its world-renowned fire protection program, and he wanted to be a firefighter. His favorite aspect of his time in the military was serving his country and doing what he felt like was his part. He states, ” I remembered feeling honored and proud when wearing the uniform.” Bennett’s grandfather also served in the Army during WWII.

We are thankful for Bennett’s service to our country and his leadership in our company. He does his absolute best everyday to take care of our customers and our team. Under Bennett’s leadership, we are all encouraged to operate at a higher standard and pay close attention to detail, and that’s the difference of a Veteran Owned Business.

*Fire Dawgs is always looking to hire Veterans and Service members. Learn more about job openings on our Careers page.


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  1. Fire Dawgs has cleaned my carpet several times and they do a superb job! I love the fact that they are Veterans!!

    1. Hi Jessie! Thank you so much for your kind comment! We appreciate your business and recommendation very much. Thanks again!

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