Fire Dawgs 8 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

The Fire Dawgs 8 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

9 January 2018

At Fire Dawgs, we go above and beyond to ensure that your carpet is clean. We use an 8 step carpet cleaning process to make sure your carpets are cleaned, sanitized, and dry as fast as possible. We aren’t the cheapest carpet cleaning company in Indianapolis, but we are one of the most thorough carpet cleaning services. Furthermore, we even take steps to make sure that your carpet actually dries faster after steam cleaning. Keep reading to learn more about out 8 Step Carpet Cleaning Process.

About Our 8 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

Fire Dawgs 8 Step Carpet Cleaning ProcessWe utilize a thorough 8 Step Carpet Cleaning Process for our introductory package. This package is called “The Works.” Even our minimum charges for Indianapolis carpet cleaning include the steps below.

  • Step 1 – Assessment:

    First, our technicians will go over the carpet with our customer and identify any problem areas before we begin our cleaning. Additionally, if you have anything specifically that you would like to receive special attention, this is the time to let us know! We are always happy to explain our process.

  • Step 2 – Vacuum:

    Our professionals will vacuum your carpet in order to pull up any dry particulates that may be at the root of the fiber. Furthermore, this helps stand the carpet fiber up, ensuring that the carpet is prepared for optimal steam cleaning conditions.

    8 Step Carpet Cleaning Process Vaccum

  • Step 3 – HVAC Securement:

    Fire Dawgs will seal off the doorway in which our hoses will make entry into the home. This step keeps  your cool air inside the home during the warmer months. Also, it keeps your warm air inside the home during the cold months.

    8 Step Indianapolis Carpet Cleaning Process

  • Step 4 – Corner Guard Placement:

    Using our Fire Hydrant Corner Guards, we will protect the corner walls from our hoses while we move about the home. This step is an extra level of protection that we provide to put your mind at ease. Like we mentioned before, we go above and beyond!

    carpet cleaning indianapolis

  • Step 5 – Pre-Treatment:

    Using a Carpet & Rug Institute approved detergent, we will pre-treat the carpet to ensure that our Steam Clean does the best job that it possibly can! Our products are CRI approved. So, you can rest easy knowing that they are safe for family and pets.

  • Step 6 – Steam Clean:

    Next, we use the industry leading Butler System Truckmount to steam clean your carpet and upholstery. Our equipment operates at temperatures of 180-280 degrees Fahrenheit, and it will truly provide you with an industry leading steam clean. Our process is preferred, because it ensure that we are removing dirt at the bottom of the fibers and not just the top.

    steam carpet cleaning indianapolis

  • Step 7 – Deodorizer:

    Our detergent has a deodorizer that will leave your carpet both looking and smelling clean.

  • Step 8 – Advanced Drying Technology:

    While we break down and finish up the steam clean, we will also have another team member putting down 360 degree fans to drastically help with the standard 4-6 hour dry time (Dry time is different for each based on the type of carpet, conditions in home, etc.). Furthermore, we use a carpet rake to make sure your carpet fibers are upright. This helps them dry quicker. Finally, we recommend customers turning on ceiling fans on inside their home or turning the van from their HVAC system from ‘Auto’ to ‘On’ to help speed up the drying process.

    carpet drying in indianapolis

This thorough and meticulous 8 step carpet cleaning process will ensure that your carpet has received the top notch service that you are looking for. However, we do have an add on package that we call the “Ultimate Package” which is an additional charge. This process includes two additional steps:light furniture moving and scotchgard.

Call Fire Dawgs for Carpet Cleaning in Indianapolis

Are you ready to put our 8 Step Carpet Cleaning Process to the test? Awesome! Give us a call at 317-291-3294. Or, you can contact us online anytime that’s convenient for you. Our award-winning customer service team is here to help!

Also, be sure to check out the other cleaning services and junk removal services we offer at Fire Dawgs!



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