Reasons to Clean Your Mattress

27 February 2017

Believe it or not, people spend about a third of their lives on their mattresses! You probably wash your clothes on a regular basis. But, when was the last time you cleaned your mattress? Mattresses should be cleaned about twice a year. This is because, when you sleep, you shed skin dead skin cells. You …

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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

8 February 2017

In recent years, bed bed infections have become fairly common in the United States. Just the thought of bed bugs crawling around in the night might gross you out. And for good reason! They survive off of human and animal blood, and they are most active at night. That alone is probably enough to make …

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Fire Dawgs Cleaning Services Earns 2016 Super Service Award

18 January 2017

We are fired up about some good news that we received recently. Fire Dawgs Cleaning Services and Fire Dawgs Junk Removal have earned the 2016 Super Service Award from Angie’s List! We have won this award every year since we have been in business. We are honored to accept the Angie’s List 2016 Super Services …

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Pet Furniture Cleaners in Indianapolis

24 January 2017

Are you looking for the best pet furniture cleaners in Indianapolis? Awesome! You have come to the right place. Whether your pet has an accident or you just want the pet smells gone from your carpets and furniture, Fire Dawgs can help! Our steam cleaning and Pet Urine Removal Process can help get your furniture …

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Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

12 January 2017

Your air ducts play an crucial in your home. Air ducts circulate the air from your heating and cooling unit in and out of each room in your home. Think about all the particles and allergens that are in your indoor air. Those contaminants are cycled through with the air through your air ducts multiple …

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How Often to Clean Dryer Vents

3 January 2017

Cleaning your dryer vents is serious business. Dirty and clogged dryer vents are a major fire hazard. Additionally, clogged and dirty dryer vents can cause your dryer to work less efficiently, leaving your laundry damp and mildewy. Knowing how often to clean dryer vents is vital, so that you can avoid a house fire and …

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How Much Does Mattress Cleaning Cost?

8 September 2016

You may have heard that your mattress can gain weight over time. This extra weight comes from the dead skin cells, dust mites (that thrive on the dead skin cells), sweat, oils, and soil that we shed every time we sleep. Kind of weird, right? Your mattress should be cleaned and sanitized at least once …

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Deck Cleaning in Indianapolis

30 August 2016

Your deck provides you and your family with extra outdoor living space. Over time, your deck and other outdoor wood surfaces and structures absorb soil, mold, and mildew. Having your deck pressure washed and cleaned can eradicate the soil, mildew, and mold, preventing rot. Learn about how you can protect your outdoor investment with our …

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How to Choose a Carpet Cleaning Service

30 August 2016

Finding the best professional carpet cleaning in your area goes beyond a cursory internet search for “best carpet cleaning companies in my area.” Your carpet is an important part of your home.┬áIts literally a huge part of your home! Finding the right carpet cleaning company for you can help you protect your investment and keep …

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How Often You Should Clean Household Items

3 August 2016

A study conducted by revealed that the majority of people in their poll only washed their bedding every 10-14 days. Many people they studied only washed their bedding every 3 or 4 weeks! Yowza! You may have wondered before: How often should I clean my sheets? How often should I clean my toilet? Well …

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